Regular Garbage Pick Up by Allied Waste


24th Avenue to 11th Avenue
Tuesday and Thursdays
Winston Park Tuesday and Fridays
West Melrose Park Thursday and Fridays
North of North Avenue Tuesday and Fridays

The schedule above is for regular garbage pick up for everyday garbage and the following household items: such as, couches, tables, mattresses, box springs, desks, chairs, etc.

The Village Street Department Garbage Pick Up Days:

24th Avenue to 11th Avenue
Monday and Tuesdays
Winston Park Wednesdays
West Melrose Park Thursdays
North of North Avenue Thursdays

The schedule above is for the Village Street Department pick up which includes all Household SELF (not contractor) remodeling items such as kitchen and bathroom cabinets, drywall, cement and bulk landscaping (5ft. bundles) etc.

Yard Waste and Fall Leaves Pick-up

Leaves must be raked and placed in a 30-gallon container with a landscape sticker (any additional leaves are to be placed in paper biodegradable bags), other landscaping or garden waste must be placed in a container with a sticker, or biodegradable bags. Leaves are not to be dumped or raked on the street or alley. Pickup for landscaping waste will be picked up on the second pickup of the week.

TV Pick-up

Please call (708) 343-4000 and ask for Public Works to make arrangements for pickup before putting your TV out.

If you need additional information for any of the above, please feel free to call (708) 343-4000 and ask for Public Works.