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Ambulance Service

If you need an ambulance, PLEASE DIAL 9-1-1.

Paramedics who are educated in various advanced life support techniques operate the two Melrose Park ambulances.

Ambulance fees are $850.00 for basic life support and $1,375.00 for advanced life support services.
Billing is sent to your insurance company. 

Our full-time staff of highly trained contract paramedics and emergency medical technicians have three, fully-equipped ALS ambulance units (2 frontline and 1 reserve) at their disposal. These vehicles allow emergency services personnel to make prompt, effective and professional first-response services available to the residents of Melrose Park on each of three, rotating, 24-hour shifts.

These stat licensed ambulances and responders are associated with the Loyola Emergency Medical System. The Melrose Park Fire Department maintains a strong affiliation with the emergency departments of Westlake and Gottlieb Hospitals. Cooperation in this hospital system results in consistent monitoring of our ambulance services.

In addition, these local hospitals provide Melrose Park Fire Department with monthly continuing education classes directed toward the continuous improvement of the department’s emergency medical skills and services.

There is a $25 fee for each copy of a fire report or an ambulance report.

No one, and we stress no one, is denied ambulance service for lack of financial resources. 

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