Village Hall


Monday-Friday 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Saturday – Closed

Birth and Death Certificates

Can be obtained at the Village of Melrose Park ONLY for Gottlieb and Westlake Hospital. State I.D. must be presented at time of request.

  • Price For Birth Certificate
    $12.00 for first copy and $2.00 for each additional.
  • Price For Death Certificate – $17.00 for first copy and $5.00 for each additional.

Vehicle Stickers

For Melrose Park Residents Only!
Current vehicle registration required.

  • Passenger
    $30.00 for two years
  • Seniors
    Over 65, free for a passenger vehicle for two years- limit one free per household.
  • Trucks
    B plate – $50.00 for one year; anything over a B plate is $75.00 for one year.

Fall Leaves Pick-up

Leaves must be raked and placed in a 30-gallon container with a landscape sticker (any additional leaves are to be placed in paper biodegradable bags), other landscaping or garden waste must be placed in a container with a sticker, or biodegradable bags. Leaves are not to be dumped or raked on the street or alley. Pickup for landscaping waste will be picked up on the second pickup of the week.

If you need additional information, please feel free to call (708)343-4000.

Regular Garbage Pick-up

Monday, Tuesday & Friday

24th Ave. – 11th Ave.

Main Street to North Avenue


Winston Park


West Melrose Park

North of North Avenue

Open Meetings Act P.A. 97-0609.